100% organically grown, all-natural with no added sugar

Ten Senses Africa, we continuously ensure all the raw material from our small holder farms and other suppliers is of high quality as our key responsibility. The quality department enjoys the support of all staff and top management since QUALITY is among the ten company values.

We conduct initial continuous and final product analytical and sensory evaluation of our product categories supported by accredited third party laboratories-SGS Kenya Ltd, Eurofins and Kenya Bureau of Standards.

Our products first comply with legal and statutory requirements, customer contractual requirements as well as all certification body requirements at all times. Our current work procedures have reduced customer complaints tremendously.

We also have a modern microbiological laboratory on site to monitor the process conditions on a routine basis in time to curb any potential non-conforming incidences.

All our organic products are authenticated using analysis results from Eurofin lab in Germany.


All equipment used in measurements are calibrated with standards traceable to the National Quality Institute in Kenya. The process steps are also benchmarked to the best industry practice giving leverage of efficient production processes.

Product safety

Our processing facility is certified to Food Safety Systems Certification that assures the highest level of product safety as well as product quality. The system is based on the seven principles of HACCP and acceptable GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES (GMP). This certification standard is approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative. Continuous Improvement and system updating become the basis of our sustainability.


Ten Senses Africa has taken measures to adhere to international standards.


Ten Senses Africa is certified with the leading regulatory bodies.